When looking for a drone videographer first check and see if they are licensed. It may seem easier to buy one yourself to get the plant, real estate, property and aerial shots you need to sell your real estate listing but since August, 2016, when the FAA released the new Part 107 regulations that surround the commercial use of drones in United States airspace, regulations for operating a drone changed.

When you need aerial footage in or out of doors, follow the law and hire a licensed pilot. Drone pilots have a huge responsibility to deliver a service with quality video and that is responsible and safe for the public. Licensed drone service providers have spent countless hours learning the rules and regulations established by the FAA. A Part 107 licensed Drone Pilot will know where they can legally fly, how high they can fly, what weather is safe to fly in, how to get permission to fly in different classes of airspace, and how to properly plan and execute your shoot. And make sure your drone pilot is insured for a minimum of $1M in Liability Insurance.