November 5th, 2019

Why We Transformed Our Website

As a marketing team, we often help clients achieve their dream website, and recently we launched a new website of our own. Months ago, our digital marketing leadership team concluded that we needed to refresh and modernize our website to match the quality of work we strive to provide for our clients. The changes were fueled by the same goals and ideals Riegner has held for decades: to push the boundaries of marketing beyond what anyone could dream of.

The top section of the new Riegner homepage.

The top section of the new Riegner homepage.

This website is a better reflection of Riegner’s current design team and their capabilities, and we let their creative juices flow into every nook and cranny of the pages. The result was a cleaner, bolder approach to the web development we’ve showcased in the past, and we’re making a conscious effort to continue to create innovative solutions, both internally and with our clients.

When we started our website redesign, we were able to step into the shoes of one of our clients and brainstorm exactly what we wanted the site to convey. What images should we use? Which content should we emphasize? How can we modernize the look and feel of our website while retaining our brand?

Furthermore, we realized that we were focusing our sole attention on digital marketing projects for manufacturing companies, and we needed to broaden our horizons in other industries. While most of our current clients are manufacturing marketing clients, our design team is ready and willing to take on campaigns that don’t fit that mold. That’s why our new website emphasizes our wide range of design capabilities, for our manufacturing partners and beyond.

A look into Riegner’s future

This website redesign was only the beginning of a massive digital transformation we’re undertaking. Looking forward, we’re excited to prioritize content that our readers are excited to dive into. We’re eager to show you our work, as our digital marketing platform becomes more courageous and our designs more fearless. And above all, we’re hopeful that you’ll tag along for our adventure into expanded creativity. 

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