Technical Design

Here’s the scope

We took on a project for our client, a company that adheres to a very high quality standard who provides trailer cover systems for trucking companies. A new product design was being released and the client needed detailed, multi-step instructions to convey a process that must be performed correctly by technicians so the cover system will operate smoothly and reliably. Our challenge was to minimize error during the assembly procedure, which was a recurring issue with existing installation instructions, and the customer help line was receiving too many calls from confused clients who thought the original instructions were unclear.

our solution

Our technical document team reviewed the initial product information provided by the client and worked with their management to determine the most effective solutions. The team then met with the client engineers at their manufacturing facility and worked with the designers and technicians for several days to understand the trailer cover components and the installation process. From there, we were able to determine exactly how we would design informative, renovated instructions that would prevent customer from making so many errors. The instructional design went through several review stages to allow the client the ability to fine-tune the information until they were satisfied with the finished product.

The end result

Our team developed clear, illustration-based instructions with descriptive text that was easier to follow. These instructions are currently being shipped with the product, and they help technicians perform the installations correctly and accurately. The customers purchasing this product are more satisfied with the client and more likely to purchase from them in the future. Our team is also ready to provide translations of the finished instructions to help the client meet the needs of a growing international customer base.

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