LinkedIn Campaign

Using lead generation campaigns, our team can multiply the number of soft leads your company finds. By adding new connections to your optimized LinkedIn profile each day, we can refine your potential prospects and help you find a targeted market that’s right for you. 

Lead Generation

Our clients typically look to expand their marketable reach, and our goal is to guide them through this process smoothly and successfully. We want to acquire 3-5 new leads each week and achieve a 15% to 30% connection rate with LinkedIn members in your target audience. 

Customize your Profile

The start of any successful LinkedIn campaign is a clean, concise LinkedIn profile. We’ll guide you through the profile creation and editing process to ensure that it showcases the best qualities of your company and its needs.

Simplicity is key. Keeping your profile brief and straightforward will make it easy for your prospects to understand exactly what your company does and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Targeting your Audience

This is where we narrow down your prospects, and we’re capable of making these filters as specific as you need them to be. We sort your potential lists using a range of variables, from company size to connection seniority level. 

It’s a simple process to change your targeted list, and we’ve found it’s best to adjust these targets once every few weeks. This will maximize the potential for successful connection rates and new soft leads. 

Build New Relationships

Once a connection has been made with a LinkedIn contact, messages are automatically generated to reach out and try to start a new relationship.

Here’s where it gets personal. LinkedIn connections who are willing to have a conversation with you want to get to know the real you. We will leave this connection in your capable hands to build a new relationship and generate future business.

Analytics Results

With our LinkedIn lead generation campaigns, our software sends connection requests to as many as 100 LinkedIn profiles per day. We find that this method will give us a successful connection rate between 15% to 30%. The first message sent to these connections will be automated by our software before they even connect, and after the connection is made another three messages are sent to solidify the conversation. 

Once we establish a list of good potential leads in your targeted market, it’s up to you to create a relationship with them and promote them from lead to trusted client.


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