Digital Branding

Geometric Solutions asked our team to rebuild their website, which would showcase quite a bit of content and require a complex strategy in order to get the job done. To match their new website, they also needed a redesigned logo to bring their brand into the modern age.

How it Began

Geometric Solutions needed a complete overhaul of their branding and web presence, and we were ready to take on the challenge. We wanted to design a new logo and a new website that was modern, user-friendly, and showcased the company’s innovative qualities.

The website was a sizable project with dozens of pages and posts to migrate and redesign, with lots of written content that needed to be optimized for improved SEO quality and user readability. Our team wanted to ensure that the site would be reliable, smooth, and fast.


The new logo we designed for Geometric Solutions was clean and best represented who they are as a company, and we continued this theme with the new website design. Even though the site is large, it’s still well-organized and easy to navigate through. We were able to incorporate a modern web layout while improving the website’s performance and making it mobile-friendly.

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